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Welcome to Whimsical Exhibits, a distinguished name in the realm of exhibition stand design and construction. With a proven track record and a robust presence in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we specialize in creating bespoke and captivating exhibition stands tailored to your brand identity.

Our dedicated team of skilled designers and builders ensures international standards of excellence, making us a reliable partner for your exhibition needs.

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Custom Build Stands

Elevate your brand presence with our Custom-Built Stands, tailored to your specific vision, ensuring a unique and impactful showcase.

Custom Stand

  • Simply share your marketing artwork and we will integrate them into the design.
  • Generate maximum impact in terms of footfalls and inquiries with creative designs.

Country Pavilion Stands

Country Pavilion Stands, foster a collaborative space for multiple exhibitors, each reflecting their unique identity within a unified design.

Country Pavilion

  • Total exhibition and participation experience to highlight your specific USP.
  • Large scale exhibition needs are met easily with our experience on Country Pavilion stands.

Double Deck Stands

Maximize your exhibition space vertically with our Double Decker Stands, offering two levels for enhanced visibility and interactive displays.

Two Storey Booth

  • Provides an appealing aura to your brand presence with the two storey booths.
  • Give you a totally unique and fresh look with a competitive edge.

Outdoor Stands

Embrace the outdoors with our Outdoor Stands, designed to withstand elements while maintaining a visually striking and engaging display.

Outdoor Stands

  • We provide marquees, standing banners, ropes, posts and fencing.
  • We offer custom made outdoor brands that amplify your branding efforts.
shell scheme exhibition stand icon

Shell Scheme Stands

Streamline your exhibition experience with our Shell Scheme Stands, offering a ready-to-use framework for easy customization and brand integration.

Shell Scheme

  • We provide modular framework for exhibitors to customize within designated spaces.
  • We offer pre-built structures featuring wall panels, offering a foundation for personalized booth designs.
moduler exhibition stand icon

Modular Stands

Embrace versatility with our Modular Stands, providing adaptable designs that cater to diverse spaces and evolving brand requirements.

Modular Stands

  • Versatile modular stands adapt to different booth sizes, saving on construction expenses.
  • Customizable components offer flexible setups, optimizing display impact and cost efficiency.

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Our expertise lies in catering to the diverse business and marketing requirements of companies, regardless of their size, scale, or industry. This establishes us as the foremost choice for constructing exhibition stands for Dubai, UAE, Middle East & USA.


Our Process Flow

Our process follows international standards in building and deploying exhibition stands. Get incredible ROI with our proven booth construction processes.

Whimsical Exhibits: Your Partner in redefining event presence

Discover the excellence of Whimsical Exhibits BV, leading exhibition stand builders. Our distinction arises from a commitment to creativity, innovation, and tangible results. As dream weavers, we transcend conventional standards, crafting exhibition experiences that captivate.

Originating in the Netherlands, our global footprint attests to a legacy of imaginative and innovative accomplishments. Choose Whimsical Exhibits BV for a transformative journey where your exhibition aspirations materialize into stunning realities.

? Crafting Designs that captivate

Innovative Concepts:

Our design process revolves around innovative concepts that breathe life into your brand. From avant-garde visual elements to interactive installations, we push the boundaries of creativity. Each design is a carefully crafted narrative, captivating your audience and leaving a lasting imprint of your brand’s identity.

Tailored Experiences:

We believe in tailoring experiences, not just designs. Every element is curated to resonate with your brand’s essence, creating a personalized journey for visitors. By understanding your unique narrative, we craft exhibition stands that go beyond aesthetics, delivering an immersive and unforgettable experience

?Realizing Ambitions through Design Excellence:

Transformative Creativity:

Our seasoned team transforms visionary concepts into tangible success through a blend of experience, creativity, and innovation. With a keen understanding of market dynamics, we translate your aspirations into engaging designs, ensuring your brand not only stands out but also achieves measurable success.

Strategic Innovation:

Our approach goes beyond aesthetics; it’s a strategic innovation that turns visions into triumphs. By harmonizing cutting-edge creativity with industry insights, we craft exhibition stands that don’t just captivate but also drive measurable results. Experience the synergy of innovation and success with our unparalleled design expertise.

?Where Quality Is Our Middle Name

Ingenious Design Solutions:

Our exhibition stands embody ingenuity, delivering beyond conventional solutions. From conceptualization to execution, we infuse innovative design elements that set us apart. Each stand is a testament to our commitment to pushing creative boundaries, ensuring a distinct and memorable presence for our clients.

Uncompromising Craftsmanship:

Quality is our hallmark, and we stand unwavering in our commitment to craftsmanship. Our exhibition stands reflect an uncompromising dedication to precision and excellence, ensuring that every detail is meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards.

Elevate your brand with us, where every exhibition stand is a strategic masterpiece. Collaborating with our expert team ensures not just a visually stunning presence but a tailored solution that aligns seamlessly with your objectives. From captivating designs to meticulous execution, we transform visions into tangible success, ensuring your brand leaves a lasting impact on every show floor

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of a stand varies depending on the design, size and customization. It’s all about creating an experience for the visitor. You can discuss your specific needs with our team of experts for a detailed quote.

Exhibition stands go by several names. You can call them custom displays, modular booths, bespoke setups, to name a few. Each of them reflect a unique style and purpose.

The key to attract visitors is to have compelling visuals, interactive elements, and engaging activities within your exhibition stand. This creates a memorable and enticing experience that stays in the mind of the visitors for a longer period. We believe in creating immersive experience, hence we come with an expertise in coming up with pathbreaking designs and innovative features.

Our team handles the seamless setup of your exhibition stand, ensuring it’s ready to impress. Focus on your goals while we take care of the logistics.

Shell scheme exhibition stands are a pre-built structure that are used to showcase your product. You can give it a makeover and bring your brand’s essence into it. Enhance yours with branding, graphics, and engaging elements to stand out within the provided framework.

Modular stands offer versatility with adaptable designs suitable for various spaces. Tailor the layout to your needs, creating a dynamic and eye-catching exhibition presence.

Select a stand that aligns with your brand, objectives, and the space available. Our experts guide you through a personalized selection process to ensure a perfect match.

Yes, we offer extensive customization options, allowing you to personalize graphics, layout, and features to align perfectly with your brand identity.

These terms are defined by their location and surrounding:

Row position comes with two open sides. It stands side by side in a row and provides a fairly decent visibility but also limited access.

Corner position comes with one open side facing the aisle and offers improved visibility along with access from two sides.

Head Position comes with three open sides ensuring excellent visibility and maximum access. It is situated at the row’s end.

Island position provides 360-degree access being enclosed by aisles on all sides. They offer exceptional visibility and great space.

The 3m x 2m size is great for smaller exhibitions, letting exhibitors showcase their stuff effectively in limited spaces.

However, your stand’s ideal size depends on your objectives and available space. Consult with us to determine the perfect dimensions for an impactful exhibition presence.

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