Lighting Design and Technology 2024

Build Your Exhibition Booth Saudi Arabia

Date: 17 Sep, 2024 – 19 Sep, 2024

Venue: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Ready for a Bright Future with Lighting Design and Technology 2024?

Mark your calendars for 17 – 19 September 2024, because that’s when the Lighting Design and Technology event is set to light up Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is on a mission to transform itself with smart cities and huge construction projects, so the need for advanced lighting solutions is sky-high. This event brings together the brightest minds in lighting to share, learn, and create opportunities.

Exhibition Stand for CWIEME Berlin

As an experienced exhibition stand contractor and designer company in the Middle East, Whimsical Exhibits BV makes sure your brand shines bright, gets noticed, and connects with the right people at Lighting Design and Technology 2024. Our team of skilled designers and craftsmen specialize in creating bespoke exhibition stands.

Benefits of Participating in Lighting Design and Technology Expo

Well, for starters, tapping into Saudi Arabia’s $1.3 billion lighting industry feels a bit like hitting the jackpot. This expo is a bridge connecting global solution providers with a hotbed of opportunities.

Here’s why getting involved is as bright an idea as LED lighting:

Saudi Arabia’s lighting industry is valued at $1.3 billion, fueled by the development of smart cities, smart homes, and large-scale projects. The expo offers participants direct access to this lucrative market.

The event brings together a diverse group of professionals, including regional lighting designers, engineers, architects, interior designers, and more, facilitating valuable networking opportunities.

Participating in the expo aligns companies with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, which aims to diversify the economy and develop various sectors. The expo is an opportunity to contribute to and benefit from the Kingdom’s infrastructural development projects.

The event showcases the latest in lighting technology and innovative products, providing participants with insights into current trends and future directions of the lighting industry.

With over 23,000 visitors, 500 exhibitors, and representation from 35 countries, the expo is an ideal platform for generating quality leads, building connections, and scaling brands within Saudi Arabia’s expanding market.

How Whimsical Exhibits BV Lights Up Your Expo Experience

Now, where do we fit into this radiant picture? Simple – we’re here as exhibition stand contractors in Saudi Arabia to make sure that when you step into the expo, you’re not just another face in the crowd.

At Whimsical Exhibits BV, we craft exhibition stands that reflect the essence of your brand, turning your vision into a mesmerizing spatial experience that draws people in and leaves a lasting impression.

From the drawing board to the expo floor, we handle the nitty-gritty, ensuring that your stand is not just a structure, but a storytelling space where your products shine brightest.

Let’s check what our exhibition stand construction services include:

  • 3D Stand Design and Visualization
  • Installation and Dismantle
  • Exhibition Graphic Design
  • Exhibition Stand Pre-builds
  • Photo-Floor
  • Print and Finishing
  • Logistics and Transport
  • Project Management

So, as you gear up for Lighting Design and Technology 2024, remember – it’s not just about being seen; it’s about being remembered. With Whimsical Exhibits BV by your side, you’re not just lighting up the expo; you’re illuminating the future.

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