Marketing Team

Our marketing team will give you complete satisfaction in assisting your requirement. They will accurately analyse company’s brief and guidelines to deliver you excellent service saving your time and follow ups.

Design & Concept

Our in-house designing team will work on the concept and brand message you would like to deliver through your exhibition stand, based on that our team will provide a unique stand design which will help you to visualize your exhibition stand space.

Graphic Designers

Based on the technical specification and assessment a 3D design is prepared, this ensures that you get a unique exhibition stand design solution.

AutoCAD Team

Our AutoCAD Team will work on the stand visualization of the exhibition design using AutoCAD tool. To help you to choose best mock-up design which reflect your brand image.

Operations and Project Management

Equipped with extensive experience, knowledge and expertise, our project manager will help you to deliver a show-stopping exhibition stand your imagine.